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Project Description

Free Advice For Better Project Results

Sometimes a DIY project is just too big and will require the help of a general contractor. Be sure to ask the following questions to find someone qualified that you can trust.

Things To Ask Your Contractor

  1. How long have they been in business?

  2. Are they insured – workers' compensation and liability?

  3. Do they have any references on similar jobs?

  4. How much of the work do they perform, and how much do they use sub-contractors?

  5. Do they use local sub-contractors (within the county) or sub-contractors from Philadelphia and other areas?

Things To Ask Yourself

  1. How do you feel about your contractor?

  2. Is the contractor easy to talk with?

  3. Have they answered all your questions in a way you understand and are satisfied with?



Advice For Putting In a Pool!

  1. Is the placement where you think it should be?

  2. What is the finished elevation going to be?

  3. How will that work with existing walks, patios and landscaping?

  4. How will the final grading look?

  5. Is there enough dirt to finish the grading with the grade you want?

  6. What if there is not enough dirt or too much?

  7. Who is responsible for doing the fine grading and seeding?

  1. What happens if they damage the sidewalk or driveway?

  2. How are they getting power to the pool equipment?

  3. Will the wires run outside the wall of your house?

  4. If you are getting a heated pool will the heater be working when they are done?

  5. Will you need to do any caulking around the pool edge and concrete?

  6. If you are getting a liner pool, how long will it take the dirt around the pool to settle?

  7. Are there any other things that I/we need to pay for to complete this project?